Soul Patch

Email Backlash

Posted in boss,carpal tunnel,chinese,Everything,lumbergh,porn,spam,work by patch on August 10, 2006

Lumbergh got all pissy today because of an email I sent. He asked me to do his job, basically, and I kindly declined. Not really. I told him since he was the boss and making twice my salary, I’d let him do his job and I’d merrily go about my business. I guess that’s not what he wanted to hear since he wouldn’t leave my office. It’s a corner office (at the intersection of Hell Ave. and Back St.), nice view of the dumpster. I especially like it the day after an office pizza party because the cats fight like nobody’s biz over the scraps that don’t make it into the garbage properly. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet having a view of the loading dock and back alley. I don’t need a good view to get a nasty case of carpal tunnel syndrome, just a bad workstation, an uncomfortable chair, and more shit to type/email than a Chinese porn spammer. Sorry, that was harsh. I actually don’t mind Chinese porn as long as there’s no msg.