Soul Patch

I got me a cameraphone.

Posted in Everything,img,photo,redneck,toilet by patch on August 15, 2006

freak in johnNot sure what possesses (can’t spell that one with all the e’s and s’s’s…damn s”sss’s…damnit!) someone to snap their mug in the john. Maybe he sends it off to his lady friends and is like, “Hey baby, I use the big-boy toilet on the right. Yeah, that sweet little number back behind me there. You like? I can use the little one too if that’s what your into…” Crazy. Nice lighting, though.

Anyway, I’m not here to ridicule the photographic preferences of guys I may meet in the crapper someday, so chill out Cletus. Get goin’ now, your sister and baby are waiting for you at home. I’m really just testing the img tag and how it wraps text around in different themes.