Soul Patch

Pregnancy, self-service vasectomies, and the nightmare of placental delivery.

Posted in crowning,Everything,hawt,kill me now,placenta,pregnant,vagina,vasectomy by patch on August 12, 2006

What is it about pregnant women that is so attractive? I don’t ask that like, “OMG, if I see another bun in the oven I’m gonna snip myself right here in the Automotive aisle at Walmart.” I mean, “Yowza, that is one f-i-n-e lookin’ filly there!” Is it some primal awakening that says this one’s good for breeding? Is it the swelling breasts that show fertility and care and rearing ability? Is it that I’ve enjoyed stumbled across too many preggo porn sites? 😯

Any way you crack this egg, it’s incredibly sensual to see a woman with that gonna-have-a-baby glow they get. Men, just don’t get caught on the receiving end of the delivery when the baby’s head starts crowning. That’s when you go quickly and willingly to the doc for a vasectomy because you NEVER want to see a vagina stretched to that size or shape EVER again. And if you had to see the placenta get delivered, just go kill yourself now. The nightmares, MY GOD, the nightmares! I thought she passed a kidney and nearly retched up an organ myself. Ahhhhh…fond memories.


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