Soul Patch

Pretty please?

Posted in boss,budgets,consulting,Everything,lumbergh,people skills,work by patch on August 11, 2006

Ever had to beg for work? I do. These dumbasses seem content to pay me to surf the big-I. About 4 different Lumberghs, all cut from the same management bolt. Absolutely crazy, but that’s big business for you. They’ll buy 100g’s worth of laptops (for no one inparticular, just to spend the budget before the year runs out) without flinching, let me go without any real projects for days or weeks on end, then bitch when I ask for a raise or, god-forbid, a pc that’s not 4 years old and incapable of running all the apps I need (192 mb ram for xp pro, visio, photo editing software, and a few other memory hogs). Well, geezus, man, give me some freakin’ reason to be here and pay me for it or just can my ass and let me move on! I guess I could just go, but then I wouldn’t get severance or layoff pay.

Workin for the man, what a pain in the ass. Maybe I’ll go into consulting. I have such stellar people skillz.


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