Soul Patch

Hello, world wide web!

Posted in Everything by patch on August 8, 2006

Welcome to SoulPatch. This is my first post. I only had to push for 47 seconds and then, like *M*A*G*I*C*, I had my very first post. Okay, that’s not true. The servers here at were a surrogate for me because I couldn’t have any posts of my own. Adopting a blog wasn’t an option, being a single writer and all. So here I am, unread parent, the shame of the blogosphere upon me. It’s almost more than I can beer. Oops! Typo. Was it a coincidence that the last sentence had “more”, “can”, and “beer” in it? I leave that for you to find out. Arriva dirt cheeks, mon ami!


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  1. Mr WordPress said,

    Hi, this is a comment.Being the intelligent writer that you are, I’m sure you deduced that already. Still, I felt compelled to say how fantastic I find this blog, even with just a single, simple post. Bravo, chap! Hope there’s more of this sharp wit to come.


    Mr. WordPress
    Remember, kids: there’s no we in wordpress…unless you take out the o,r,d, p, r, s, and s. Then you’ll have we.

  2. Qwerty Maniac said,

    Wow, the above comment, is it the default one? Cause it was so different back then! Shh, looks edited 😀

    I’ll catch up with your entries often 😉 Keep up the keyboard punching.

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